About Dust2Glory

Dust2Glory (D2G) Fitness exists to help people achieve their fitness goals, specifically geared towards using Spartan Race SGX training principles and obstacle modalities.

Family Training

Children ages 10 through 12 can participate in classes with an adult or guardian.

Exclusive Obstacles and Training

One of the most unique and targeted offerings of Dust2Glory Fitness is the dedicated training to Obstacle Race Training. The following are some of the obstacles on which we train:

  • Spear Throw
  • 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft Wall
  • Hercules Hoist
  • Spartan Obstacle Rig
  • Bucket Carry
  • Sandbags/Pancakes
  • Rope Climb
  • American Ninja Warrior Rig
  • Tractor Tires
Our Stand Statements

Throughout the D2G Fitness training you will hear and come to understand repeated phrases or “stand” statements. A stand statement is a verbal reflection of an internal ethos. What guides you through the day-to-day? Unless you stand for something, you will fall for anything.

  •  Sign Up. Show Up. Finish Up. It’s ok to throw up. It’s not ok to give up
  • Breathe. Focus. Execute
  • Race Ready – Life Ready
  • Do today what others won’t so you can do tomorrow what others can’t
  • Be ready to lead and know how to follow
  • Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken
  • Mentally Strong, Physically Fit, and Spiritually Sound
Race Photo - Dust2Glory Gallery
Meet Our Coach

Dustin Webb

Dustin Webb
Dustin Webb
Spartan Strong
Personal Training
Obstacle Course Racing

Dustin is an amazing and knowledgeable coach that has built a fantastic community. Extremely knowledgeable with running mechanics and obstacle course training as well as getting you in overall great shape.

I love the workouts Dustin gives us, they are challenging! I love that everyone is so welcoming! Great place and people!

Great place to workout!!! The workouts push you and prepare you for different types of events. Great for OCR training but also fantastic for general fitness.